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Autodesk AutoCAD 2010 x86/x64 English + Video Training Collection

New features of AutoCAD 2010 is called a true technological breakthrough, which will please many millions of users of this software product. AutoCAD 2010 has a parameter, and now any changes between objects are supported by user defined relationship. This significantly reduces the time to make changes to projects. The emergence of tools to work with arbitrary shapes became possible to create and analyze the most complex three-dimensional objects. In addition, 3D printing is now supported, so it's easier to get prototypes and physical prototypes. In this publication the following materials: Autodesk AutoCAD 2010 x86/x64 (English) and VTC - Autodesk AutoCAD 2010: QuickStart, Basic 2D Concepts Tutorials, Intermediate 2D Concepts and Advanced Concepts

1. Autodesk AutoCAD 2010 x86/x64 (English)
Year: 2009
Version: 2010
Developer: Autodesk
Platform: Windows
Compatibility with Vista: complete
Language: English
Medicine: Present

2. Video Training Collection – AutoCAD 2010 Essential Training
AutoCAD 2010 Essential Training covers the most important features of this industry-standard 2D drafting and design application. Professional designer Jeff Bartels begins with a tour of AutoCAD’s interface and the tools used to create basic shapes.
He then focuses on the methods used to modify and refine geometry while emphasizing accuracy and good habits to build a solid design foundation. Jeff shows how to use layers, line types, and colors to organize a drawing file and explains how to efficiently annotate a design and prepare it for final output. Throughout the course, Jeff shares techniques used in the industry and reinforces the lessons with practical examples. Exercise files accompany this course.

VTC - QuickStart! - Autodesk AutoCAD 2010
Autodesk AutoCAD, is the world s most widely used Computer Aided Design
(CAD) package. It lets you design, visualize and communicate your ideas with ease and efficiency. This QuickStart! course provides users an introduction to the new features and tools of AutoCAD 2010, and gives insight on existing tools already available.

VTC - Autodesk AutoCAD 2010: Basic 2D Concepts
Autodesk AutoCAD is the world’s most widely used Computer Aided Design (CAD) package. It lets you design, visualize and communicate ideas with ease and efficiency. AutoCAD 2010 has new features that make tasks easier and quicker too. This VTC course provides users with the essentials needed to master AutoCAD 2010 with emphasis on how to create, edit and plot AutoCAD drawings. Use AutoCAD to communicate your ideas, concepts or designs to customers, colleagues and peers! Work files are included. To begin learning, simply click the movie links.

* The AutoCAD Work Files used in this course are in the AutoCAD 2007 DWG file format, and cannot be read by versions of AutoCAD before AutoCAD 2007.

VTC - Autodesk AutoCAD 2010: Intermediate 2D Concepts
Autodesk AutoCAD is the world’s most widely used Computer Aided Design (CAD) package. It lets you design, visualize and communicate ideas with ease and efficiency. AutoCAD 2010 has new features that make tasks easier and quicker too. This VTC course provides users with the knowledge to master intermediate 2D concepts. Work files are included. To begin learning, simply click the movie links.

VTC Autodesk AutoCAD 2010 Advanced Concepts
Autodesk AutoCAD is the world’s most widely used Computer Aided Design (CAD) package. It lets you design, visualize and communicate ideas with ease and efficiency. AutoCAD 2010 has new features that make tasks easier and quicker too. This VTC course provides users with the knowledge to master advanced concepts, giving the user the ability to create, edit and plot complex AutoCAD drawings. Work files are included. To begin learning, simply click the movie links.

Download :

Autodesk AutoCAD 2010 x86/x64 (English)


Video Training Collection



Corel WordPerfect Office Suite X3 PoTAP

Corel WordPerfect Office Suite X3 PoTAP | 185 MB
Find all the essential office software to complete routine tasks faster and with better results. Create high-quality documents, spreadsheets and presentations, manage email, and share work seamlessly with enhanced Microsoft Office compatibility and built-in PDF tools. Extend your office suite even more with new data analysis software and online services.


Corel WordPerfect Office X3 is ideal for home and business users, delivering more tools that make your work go faster and your life go easier.

* Create polished documents, including letters, reports and newsletters
* Produce budgets, invoices, receipts and expense reports
* Turn complex spreadsheets into charts and graphs that are easy to interpret
* Present slide shows, proposals, demonstrations and interactive reports
* Create and share PDFs for easy collaboration with anyone, anywhere
* Collect, store and reuse information from virtually any source



Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 beta 2 14.0.0 build 100326

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 beta 2 14.0.0 build 100326 | Mac Os X | 594 MB
New! Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 beta 2 is a suite of products that allow you to create fantastic looking documents from dynamic presentations to stunning reports and engaging communications.



Saturday, April 17, 2010

All Office Converter Platinum 6.1

All Office Converter Platinum 6.1 | 9.3 MB
All Office Converter Platinum is an easy-to-use and professional document conversion tool. It can support batch converting documents, web and images with high good quality for business and individual to improve the work efficiency.

With this powerful converter, you can create PDF file from versatile formats and convert PDF file to other versatile formats with super output quality and effectively. More, you can convert between different office document formats, web, images.
It can support comprehensive formats: Word(doc, docm, docx), Excel(xls .xlsx. xlsm),PowerPoint(ppt, pptc, pptm),PDF,XLS,RTF,TXT,HTM/HTML,Website,JPG,BMP,GIF,TIF,WMF,EMF,TGA, RLE,PNG etc.
Advance Features:
Provide the customized Command Line service for server/developer.
It can simultaneously convert different formats to one certain format once.
It can convert the webpage on the website or your computer.
Easy to use. Convert with one click.
More setting options to let you control the output file more accurately.
Save the imported file list.
Support encrypted PDF.
Create PDF and Image with high good quality.



Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended 9.3.2

Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended 9.3.2 | 1,23 Gb
Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Prol software is the advanced way for business professionals to create, combine, control, and deliver more secure, high quality Adobe PDF documents for easy, more secure distribution, collaboration, and data collection. Assemble electronic or paper files even Web sites, engineering drawings, and e mail into reliable PDF documents that are easy to share with others using free Adobe Reader software. Manage document reviews, synthesizing feedback from multiple reviewers while preserving document format and integrity. Extend commenting capabilities to anyone using Adobe Reader. Windows users can design intelligent Adobe PDF forms that include business logic, such as calculations and data validations, to help increase the accuracy of data collection while reducing the costs of manual data entry.

Ideal for business and creative professionals. Use Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro software to:
Deliver professional documents. Use templates to unify a wide range of content in compelling PDF Portfolios. Apply permissions and passwords to help protect sensitive information.
Manage document reviews. Gain the input you need through interactive document reviews that enable participants to see and build on other reviewers comments.
Create and manage forms. Build dynamic forms, distribute and track forms and responses, and easily export data for analysis and reporting.

Top reasons Acrobat 9 Pro:

Unify a wide range of content in a PDF Portfolio
Combine documents, drawings, e mail, and spreadsheets in a single compressed PDF Portfolio. Use professionally designed templates that can be branded with your logo and include descriptions to guide recipients through the contents.
Help protect your documents
Use passwords to help control access to PDF documents. Use permissions to restrict printing, copying, or altering. Save passwords and permissions as security policies that can be easily applied to new PDF files.
Easily create and manage electronic forms
Convert Microsoft Word and Excel documents or scanned paper to PDF forms with automatic recognition of fillable fields. Use Adobe LiveCycle Designer software a professional form design tool to create, customize, and automate dynamic XML forms. Use the Form Tracker to see when forms have been completed and who has completed them. Easily export data to a spreadsheet for analysis and reporting.
Manage and track electronic document reviews
Gain the input you need through interactive document reviews that enable participants to see and build on other reviewers comments, which can be sorted by author, date, or page. Use the Form Tracker to monitor progress and participation.
Include Adobe Reader users
Enable users of free Adobe Reader software (version 8 or later) to digitally sign documents, participate in shared document reviews, and save forms locally. By extending Adobe Acrobat functionality to Reader users, you can enable virtually anyone to participate in the workflows you initiate.
Synchronize document views
Help colleagues, clients, and partners get on the same page at the same time with the ability to co navigate documents. To provide clarity and enhance discussion, use services to enable collaboration on a PDF file. Then distribute the PDF file and walk recipients through it in real time by controlling the page view they see.
Permanently remove sensitive information
Use redaction tools to black out sensitive text, illustrations, or other information, permanently deleting the content from the PDF document. Inspect PDF documents for metadata, hidden layers, and other concealed information to remove before distributing the files to others.
Compare PDF documents
Automatically highlight the differences between two versions of a PDF document, including text and images, so you can quickly and easily identify what has changed.
Improve print processes
Help control costs and reduce errors with automated output controls to preview, preflight, correct, and prepare PDF files for high end print production and digital publishing.
Create and validate accessible PDF documents
Ensure your PDF documents are optimized for people with disabilities. Create accessible PDF documents from almost any source to help comply with standards. Quickly evaluate, correct, and automatically tag PDF documents for optimized accessibility and reflow.

Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended

Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended is the complete PDF solution for business and technical professionals. It includes all the features and functionality of Acrobat 9 Pro, plus the ability to unify the widest range of content in a PDF Portfolio, create interactive presentations with Adobe Presenter software, easily convert and share video in PDF, create PDF maps, convert virtually any 2D and 3D designs to PDF, and enjoy expanded 3D capabilities with the new Adobe 3D Reviewer.

Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro

Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro helps business and creative professionals communicate and collaborate more effectively and securely with virtually anyone, anywhere. Unify a wide range of content in a single organized PDF Portfolio. Collaborate through electronic document reviews. Create and manage dynamic forms. And help protect sensitive information. Acrobat 9 Pro includes Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES software for advanced form creation.



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Abbyy finereader v9.0.724 pro Multilanguage

Abbyy finereader v9.0.724 pro Multilanguage | 160 Mb
ABBYY is a world leader in development of document recognition, data capture and linguistic technologies. ABBYY's award-winning FineReader OCR software converts static paper documents and PDF files into manageable electronic data, saving you time and effort. ABBYY FormReader is a powerful data capture platform used by business users, large enterprises and governmental agencies to process thousands of forms daily. And ABBYY's document recognition SDKs have won acclaim from software developers and VARs that have integrated ABBYY technologies into their own applications.

ABBYY FineReader 9.0 Professional Edition, an intelligent OCR and PDF conversion application, has been designed to meet the needs of professionals who demand the best recognition accuracy and format retention. The newest version of ABBYY’s award-winning productivity application allows users to effortlessly turn PDF files, scanned images and digital photographs into truly editable and searchable formats. FineReader’s revolutionary Adaptive Document Recognition Technology (ADRT™) analyzes an entire document as a whole rather than discretely as individual pages, and precisely reproduces it with original layout, style and formatting attributes. FineReader’s new Results-Driven interface and single-click QuickTasks™ make conversion easier, faster and more accurate than ever before.

ABBYY FineReader 9.0 delivers superior accuracy in converting almost any type of documents, including various office documents, tables and spreadsheets, magazine articles, books, and even faxes and digital photographs. With its new ADRT™, an Adaptive Document Recognition Technology, FineReader is capable to recognize not only the text and basic layout of document images, but the logical structure of a document across multiple pages.

The key features of ABBYY FineReader 9.0 include:
* Superior recognition accuracy and layout retention
* Re-creation of document logical structure and formatting
* Multilingual document recognition
* Results-driven interface – Unmatched ease of use and productivity
* Digital camera OCR
* Accurate, fast and secure PDF conversion
* Instant screenshot OCR
* Direct export to a variety of applications
* Corporate and Site Lisence Editions for networked environments, automated and scheduled processing

What’s New in ABBYY FineReader 9.0:
Based on a breakthrough new recognition platform with Adaptive Document Recognition Technology (ADRT™), ABBYY FineReader 9.0 is intelligent enough to automatically deliver editable files in native document formatting. It has been also enhanced with second-generation Digital Camera OCR, and offers enhanced task-driven processing, new output formats, and support for Microsoft® Windows Vista® and Microsoft Office 2007. In addition, FineReader 9.0 improves recognition accuracy by up to 35 percent* and layout retention by 32 percent* compared to the previous generation of the software.

The new version also focuses on superior usability. The all-new Results-Driven user interface maximizes usability and efficiency through straightforward user guidance, anticipation of a user’s logical next step, and a 40 percent* reduction in the number of required mouse clicks to accomplish a task.

Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista



Foxit Reader Pro 3.1.1

Foxit Reader Pro 3.1.1 | size 9MB
Foxit Reader Professional As a small and fast PDF viewer, Foxit Reader currently has over 50 million users all around the world. After keeping users waiting for almost two months, Foxit Reader 3.0 has been released and introduces many fascinating new features such as multimedia design and Foxit OnDemand Content Management.



TechSmith Camtasia Studio 7.0.0 Build 1426

TechSmith Camtasia Studio 7.0.0 Build 1426 | 161 MB
Camtasia Studio is the complete professional solution for recording, editing and sharing high-quality screen video on the Web, CD-ROM and portable media players, including iPod. With support for a variety of video standards, you can ensure your content delivery now and in the future. Easily record your screen, PowerPoint, multiple audio tracks, and webcam video to create compelling training videos, screencasts, and presentations without ever leaving your desk. With the power of interactive Camtasia Studio videos, you can deliver high-quality content anytime, to even your most remote audience.

Camtasia Studio helps you keep pace in a mobile world by making it easy to publish videos and MP3 files for iPod and other portable media players. Now your marketing message, screencast, lecture, or just-in-time training video can reach your audience practically anywhere – on the bus, in a coffee shop, or while they’re jogging. Camtasia Studio videos are simply designed to share.



FileMaker Server Advanced v11.0.1 Multilanguage

FileMaker Server Advanced v11.0.1 Multilanguage | 210 MB
Securely host groups of FileMaker Pro users over a network or on the web by adding FileMaker Server 11. It's fast, reliable, easy-to-manage server software for managing your FileMaker Pro databases.

FileMaker Server 11 Advanced includes all the features in FileMaker Server 11 plus more sharing and connectivity options. Add FileMaker Server 11 Advanced to FileMaker Pro and maximize your database sharing capabilities.



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PDF-XChange Pro v4.0.0174 (x86

PDF-XChange Pro v4.0.0174 (x86) | 37 Mb
PDF-XChange Version is an Adobe compatible, PDF file creation software. PDF-XChange offers an efficient compression and optimisation for PDF file generation. Create PDF files with ease from any Windows software application or if you're a Software Developer and would like information relating to the PDF-XChange SDK version to incorporate PDF-XChange in your applications for royalty-free distribution then the SDK could well be the right solution for you.PDF-XChange Pro is the as the Standard version with 1 additional application bundled, PDF-Tools.ou can also add notes, watermarks, use the flexibility to configure and optimize to get the smallest file, compared with similar programs, the file size without compromising quality.
The program provides a utility batch conversion of documents Word, Excel and file formats that are supported by IE, as well as many others (DOC, RTF, TXT, XLS, HTML). Included with the professional version of PDF-XChange is delivered as PDF-Tools - tools for creating new PDF-files from the images and manipulating the existing files. With this tool you can easily combine PDF-files, delete them from the page, extract fragments, images and text, create and edit bookmarks, and send files via email and put it on their servers, HTTP and FTP. Russian language is included in the program.

Language / Language: Multi (Russian available)
Medicine / Activation / Crack / Serial / etc: present / present
Size / Size: 37.09 Mb

Formatting and view PDF-documents will exactly match the original.)



eCafePro 4.5 (Server + Client)

eCafePro Platinum is a billing system and management solution for your internet cafe. You can manage your client PCs through your server.

It can reboot, shut down, transfer, adjust volume, message, snap shot, log on and logout all Client PCs with one easy click. Features include sales report, staff working salary report, stock report, multiple users, multiple time rate, multiple member rate, discount rate, cafeteria setup, and more.

Download :


Adobe Photoshop CS4 Cybershop Edition v2010 New

Before you build a better unique graphic editor Adobe Photoshop CS4. This version is fully optimized and frustrating user errors. Cut out superfluous and unnecessary components, added new components (brushes, fonts) and the program began to work up to 40% faster.

- Fixed numerous bugs
- The program now works even on slower machines
- Removed Adobe CrashReport
- Removed unnecessary components left over from CS2 and CS3
- Added 1500 Brush
- Added 50 design fonts
- Removed some unnecessary components 9000
- The program no longer requires activation

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7




AVG Internet Security 9.0.716.1803 + serial

Complete protection for everything you do

We know when you go online you want to be able to surf, search, download, bank, and shop safely.

With AVG Internet Security, our most advanced protection, you get a worry-free online experience
every time. Internet Security’s multiple layers of protection mean you don’t have to worry about
identity theft, spam or viruses. And it’ll even prevent you from accidentally visiting harmful

It’s faster, smarter security that won’t slow your computer down.

* Safely bank and shop online without fear of identity theft thanks to AVG’s new Identity
Protection technology

* Surf, and search with confidence, with LinkScanner® checking web pages at the only time
that matters – right before you click that link

* Exchange photos and other files with friends over IM and social networks safe from the
risk of accidental virus infection

* Safely download music and applications

* Keep your inbox clear of phishers, scammers, and spammers so you can focus on using your
email to stay in touch with friends and family

* Enjoy consistently high speed scanning performance with our new enhanced virus scanner

Download :

Password: annajerte


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