Thursday, July 31, 2008

Windows Ice XP v.3.01

Windows XP Professional Corporate updated to SP3 and post-sp3 hotfixes, with Windows Media Player 11, Internet Explorer 7 and original Windows Sidebar, unattended Install, suppressed all the unnecessary components of a classic windows XP, optimized for maximum performance, new functions in context menu, Vista Ice Style v3, new themes, system sounds, wallpapers , screensavers and cursors, Post-install Wizard at first startup
Post-install software:
AMD Dual Core Optimizer v1.1.3
CCleaner v2.08.588
Kels CPL Bonus Pack v8.2.4
Firefox v2.0.0.14 (ITA) (Ice Mod v3)
Windows Live Messenger v9.0 beta
Adobe Flash Player v9.0.124.0 (Firefox)
Adobe Flash Player v9.0.124.0 (Internet Explorer)
Unlocker v1.8.7
WinRAR v3.80 beta1 (Cr@cked)
Defraggler v1.02.077 RC1
Teracopy Pro v1.22 (NOT cra.cked)
Advanced Registry Doctor Pro v8.8.8.21 (cra.cked)

Yod'm 3D v1.4
Glass2k v0.92
LClock v1.62b
Stardock ObjectDock v1.9
WinFlip v0.42
TrueTransparency v0.9.3
Vista Drive Icon v1.4
VisualToolTip v2.21
Styler v1.401
WGA Cr@ck (Windows Genuine Advantage)



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