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Photo Slide Show Album Application 1.8

PSSAA is designed for installation and work on operating systems, including Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP as well as on newer systems. The published version of the Album created for the Internet's Sonettic Photo Slide Show Album works with all graphic browsers with installed Adobe Flash Player 8, as well as with higher versions (such as Adobe Flash Player 9, etc.), on all operating systems.
Create your Flash photo gallery with Sonettic PSSAA.


* Window 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
* Adobe Flash Player 9 or higher for Microsoft Internet Explorer


* SnakeEye Skin for Flash photo gallery
* BlackPlastic Skin for Flash photo gallery
* Chameleon Skin for Flash photo gallery
* TopMenu v1.0 a
* TopMenu v1.0 m

There are no limits on the number of created Albums, Parts, Subparts and images in PSSA.
Each created Album can be published using 3 methods, both individually and in groups.

Album publication.

Method 1 - Album publication for the Internet using the built-in FTP client.
In this method, we have created our main advantage: Album synchronization, which can be done on the local computer with the version located on the server.

Method 2 - Album publication for the Internet without the built-in FTP client.
This method makes it possible to move an Album into the directory indicated by the user for an independent load onto the server. In this way, Album synchronization cannot be achieved.

Method 3 - publication of Album for burning to a CD.
This method moves the Album into the directory indicated by user for the subsequent process of burning a CD.

About PSSA Client. (Skins)

Adding images.

When adding images to the Album, the images automatically resize into the dimensions indicated by the user during Album creation.
After the images have been added to the Album, the user can add descriptions of each image and add sound tracking to it.
This process can also be used to set any image as a preview of a Subpart.


Complete data editing for the created Albums, Parts in them and Subparts is available, as well as information about the image and the image itself.
PSSAA's image editor is located where the user can edit an image to his discretion.
Users may create their own settings and apply them to all images in the Subparts.
The user has the option of changing image order in Subparts and the order of Subparts within Parts.
The user may also add a sound track to the Subparts, and keywords to search them.
You may also delete both individual images and entire Subparts, Parts and Albums.

Album importation.

If you saved your Album on a CD or another disk you can import a saved Album onto the system to manage it.



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