Friday, August 1, 2008

SwiftDog RamSmash frees

RamSmash frees wasted memory back to the pool of available resources.
By optimizing memory utilization your computer will operate at stable speeds and never run out of memory.
Very easy to use, fully compliant with all versions of Microsoft ® Windows and automatically frees memory in real-time. Boost the performance of your PC the easy way.

RamSmash Details

Optimizes computer memory by freeing wasted memory back to the computer.
Works in the background to free memory to reasonable values to maintain system stability.
Visual representation in system tray which displays computer memory available to the system.

RamSmash Features

Fully customizable to the settings and preferences you choose.
Easy and intuitive user interface which performs memory optimization in real-time.

RamSmash Requirements
Microsoft ® Windows 2000, 2003, 95, 98, Me, NT, Vista, XP
Intel ® Pentium (or compatible) 90 MHz or higher processor
16 MB of computer memory or higher recommended
PC Mouse or other pointing type device
Microsoft ® Internet Explorer 4 or higher installed



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